Privacy Policy

1. Purpose and scope

According to the (EU) 679/2016 Regulation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation, on the processing of personal data and privacy protection in the electronic communications sector, Kalli Events SRL is obliged to process the personal data provided, only in compliance with the security measures and for the communicated purpose.

1. The personal data we process

The collection of personal data is strictly limited to what is necessary in order to provide the highest quality experience regarding our services and the use of the website:
a) In case of only Visitors: we do not request or collect any personal data, but we use cookies. More information on the use of cookies on is available here.
b) Direct entrustment: Kalli Events SRL obtains your personal data when you fill in the contact form on
In this case, the types of data we collect are:

• Identification data, such as: name, surname, e-mail address, phone number.
• Data regarding professional activity, such as: the name of the employer.

2. Use of personal data

Processing the data represents all the operations that may be performed in connection with personal data, such as collecting, recording, storing, adjusting, organizing, using, disclosing, transferring, archiving or deleting data, in accordance with applicable laws.

We only use your personal data for legitimate business purposes and on the basis of the legal grounds of processing provided by the applicable data protection legislation, such as:

a) Execution of contracts or performing actions before concluding contracts
We use information about you when you enter into a contract with Kalli Events SRL to provide the requested services or when we need to contact you.
Also, your personal data is processed in order to be able to respond to your requests, such as: providing information, investigating and repairing malfunctions affecting the contracted services, updating data, resolving other requests.

b) In order to fulfill the legitimate business interests:
• Carrying out business processes. We process your data for our internal operations, including maintaining an internal database accessible to authorized persons.
• Improving and developing products and services. We are reviewing how you use and interact with

3. Your rights

According to the (EU) 679/2016 Regulation, known as the General Data Protection Regulation, you have the following rights:
• The right to access information
You have the right to ask us to confirm the processing of your personal data and to provide you with a report of the personal data we process.
• The right to object to the processing of data
You may object to Kalli Events SRL' use of your personal data without deleting it from our database. You may not object to the processing of your personal data if it is necessary for the performance of a contract with the company of which you are a representative.
• The right to rectification
If your personal information is incorrect, you have the right to ask us to rectify it.
• The right to withdraw your consent
If you have agreed to give us your consent for a particular data processing activity, you may withdraw your consent at any time.
• The right to restrict processing
There may be situations where you may want to restrict the processing of certain data only for a certain period of time.
• The right to data portability
You have the right to ask us to transfer your personal data directly to you or to another company, if this is technically possible and based on applicable local law.
• The right to delete
Kalli Events SRL is required by law to retain your personal information. If, for various reasons, you wish to delete personal data from our database, you may make a request using the Kalli Events SRL contact channels provided bellow.
If your personal data is processed in compliance with a legal obligation, the request to delete this data may be refused.
• The right to file a complaint
If you are not satisfied with the way we have responded to your requests, you have the right to file a complaint with us. Also, if necessary, you can contact the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing (ANSPDCP) or the courts.

4. Contact details

If you wish to exercise your rights or file a complaint, please contact us at

Cookie Policy
Cookies are text files that contain small amounts of information and are retrieved by the visitor's terminal (PC, laptop, tablet etc.). when he visits a website, to the extent that the visitor agrees to the use of these files.

Cookies allow a website to recognize a visitor's equipment. They contain information that links a website visitor to a webserver (website). If a visitor accesses that website again, the web server will read the previously stored information.

The site uses both its own cookies and cookies placed by third parties to provide visitors with a much better browsing experience and services tailored to their needs and interests (such as customizing certain settings):

- Analytical cookies. These allow us to find out the number of visitors to our website and how they use the website. This type of cookie is intended to help us improve the way the site works by helping visitors to easily find what they are looking for. All information collected by this type of cookie is anonymous and aims to improve site performance.

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Visitors can disable cookies by browser’s option to disable all or certain cookie settings.

Even if visitors disable one or more analytics cookies, we may still use the information collected by these cookies before disabling them, but we will stop using disabled cookies to further collect information.